Fuelling Ireland’s public health problems

The protection of public health demands constant vigilance and a willingness to learn about new challenges. Along with climate change, our demand for fossil fuels is now posing a new public health problem.  The Lough Allen and Clare basin districts (including counties Cavan, Leitrim, Roscommon, Fermanagh, Mayo, Sligo, Donegal, Monaghan, Clare, Limerick, Cork and Kerry) [...]

IDEA Position on Incineration

We are a throwaway society that has forgotten that there is no place called ‘away’. The Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association has serious concerns regarding incineration, which we do not regard as a solution to our waste management problem. We are opposed to incineration for three reasons. First of all, it does not make sense to [...]

Incinerators and their Health Effects

Incinerators and their Health Effects June 2006-06-15 Incineration is a topical subject in Ireland as our government presses ahead with plans to build various incinerators around the Irish countryside to deal with our waste problem. History has demonstrated that it may take decades to identify the health effects of procedures that produce more chemicals into [...]

IDEA Submission to the Joint Oireactas Committee on Recycling of Household Waste, Aug 2005

Recycling of Household Waste in Ireland Submission by Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association [IDEA] ideaireland.org Registered Charity No. 14368 Waste is not a concept that is recognised in Nature where, as a result of billions of years of co-evolution, one organism’s waste is another organism’s food. In this way, energy is recycled in a perpetual self-sustaining circle. [...]