Mission Report from New York [UN General Assembly]

Summary Mission report (20-22 September 2013)   Background: The convening of the 68th Regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UN GA) on 17 September 2013 represented the start of a key period for Member States and stakeholders. This included a high level segment of intergovernmental meetings and a number of other events many [...]


European Environment Bureau Living Well within the Planet’s Limits This was an seminar with a range of excellent speakers looking at Europe in 2013 post Rio+20 and in the light of the Irish presidency of the E.U. and the 7th European Action Plan (7thEAP) about to be launched during our presidency.   We were warned [...]


Rio+20: From outcome to Implementation   (16 – 22nd February 2013) Including the Fourteenth Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum, Feb. 16 & 17th   and the Global Ministerial Environmental Forum, Feb 18-20th First of all, I would like to recognize the great help and support we received from the Irish delegation, which greatly facilitated our work [...]

Ecosystems Approach to Education

INTRODUCTION:   Our global multi-faceted crises are affecting nations, local communities and individuals at an accelerated pace.  As we watch many of our old systems collapse, we are entering a new evolutionary phase. Solutions are at hand but they require a different mindset, a different perception of life and of our roles in it.  There [...]

NUIG colloquium Ecosystems & amp_ Health

23rd annual ENVIRON Colloquium Ryan Institute, NUIGalway January 30-Feb. 1st 2013 Environment: From Ecosystem Functioning to Human Health This was the 23rd Irish Environmental Researchers’ Colloquium hosted by NUI Galway in association with the Environmental Sciences Association of Ireland (ESAI).   This was an excellent opportunity for the various environmental disciplines to converge and discuss [...]

Summary of Mission report RIO + 20

We did not expect much from the political negotiations and we did not get much. In expressing her view on the outcome of the Rio + 20 conference Mary Robinson referred to Michael Angelo’s famous quote “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but [...]

Health and biodiversity

by Dr Elizabeth Cullen. Swallows, dandelions, hawthorn hedges and spiders …. and the many species of life with whom we share the planet – this is our biodiversity. The familiarity of our countryside, seashore and woods belie their profound importance to our health and well-being. All our food derives from our biodiversity, with one in [...]

ECOHEALTH: Using an Ecosystem Approach to Human Health

The earth’s ecological system, or ecosystem, is an interactive community consisting of both living and non-living entities. It is based on the mutual dependence of all life processes on one another. The relationships among the members of an ecological community are non-linear and involve multiple feedback loops. Nothing works in isolation – devoid of context. [...]

ON EQUITY: Post Rio+20

Equity is one of the central issues at this time of reassessment and finding solutions for sustaining life on Earth. The paradox is that the reductionist perception that has led us to this point of breakdown is caused from focusing singularly on Brain intellect (linear, rational thinking, critical analysis, …) What is needed in order [...]