Research Studies done on Microwave Radiation

First study on humans Johansson O, “Elöverkänslighet samt överkänslighet mot mobiltelefoner: Resultat från en dubbel-blind provokationsstudie av metodstudiekaraktär” (=Electrohypersensitivity and sensitivity to mobile telephones: Results from a double-blind provocation study of pilot character”, in Swedish), Enheten för Experimentell Dermatologi, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Rapport nr. 2, 1995, ISSN 1400-6111 Cancer studies Szmigielski S, “Cancer morbidity in [...]

IDEA Position on Electro-Magnetic Radiation

The Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association believes that a sub-group of the population are particularly sensitive to exposure to different types of electro-magnetic radiation. The safe levels currently advised for exposure to this non-ionising radiation are based solely on its thermal effects. However, it is clear that this radiation also has non-thermal effects, which need to [...]

Radiofrequency radiation and health

Dr. Elizabeth Cullen Although it is less than thirty years since mobile telephones have come in to common usage in Europe, exposure to radio frequency radiation has increased substantially, with many sources of microwave radiation now operating in our environment. There are almost six thousand mobile telephone transmitter masts in operation in Ireland at present, [...]

Report by Dr Elizabeth Cullen to the Joint Oireachtas Committee, Dail Eireann, Feb 2005

Dear Chairman, On behalf of Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association, I would like to thank the committee for the opportunity to present to you today our concerns in relation to possible health impacts of electromagnetic radiation. We have two concerns: firstly that the current ‘safe’ levels of electromagnetic radiation are too high and secondly that there [...]