Climate Change & Health

IDEA Position on Climate Change and its Health Effects

Climate change is one of several unprecedented global changes now occurring worldwide, caused by the impact of human economic systems disrupting the fragile ecosystems that support life on earth. The 20th century was the warmest of the last millennium in the Northern hemisphere, with the 1990s being the warmest decade and 1998 being the warmest [...]

A brilliant IDEA on the climate change issue

Internationally, health professionals are starting to expand their professional concerns to the environment upon which we depend for our sustenance. Socially, ecologically and economically, this environment is becoming increasingly stressed, globally. The consequences can impact on people’s health and well-being — the greater the stress and problems in our environment, the more likely that they [...]

Report of Tyndall

Report of Tyndall [Climate Change] Conference, Dublin 28-30 Sept2011, Dublin Castle Joint organisers: EPA & Royal Irish Academy Funding [personal]: IEN A well funded, well organised, well attended [150]conference with numerous top international speakers [30+] who would be leaders in their fields of research, from N America to New Zealand and all points between. It [...]