It gives the us great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Irish Doctors Environmental Association.  Charity number 14368

IDEA’s work is guided by the concept that human health is inextricably
linked to the health of the planet, consisting of both ecological and human
systems. Globally, we are now at a tipping point or threshold, where human
impact is disrupting the health and ability for the planet’s regulatory
system to function adequately to sustain life as we know it.   Lifestyle and
development choices that impact on the earth’s capacity to provide an
appropriate quality of air, water, and biodiversity, have become fundamental
health issues.
The main objective of the IDEA is to foster and promote this broader
understanding of health through our website, education, publications and
seminars.  We engage both in the national and international fora, during this
pivotal time of the paradigm shift.